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Related post: Over Part 5 ~;~;~Over~:~:~Disclaimer- I do not know any of the celebrities that appear in this story nor do I know preteen fuck portal what their sexuality is or imply that what their true sexuality may be. This story is pure fictional, which preteen rapes means it is not true! And if you are under hentai preteen porn 18 then you should preteens gallery model leave now, this story does contain sex and you should not be reading it. First i would like to thank L. She is a dear friend. A great writer, who has wrote some of the best fan fiction ever. I would also like to make mention, that L edited the first chap of over, something i forgot to mention in the first chapter. but as you all kow there was mistakes in the firsst chapter. that was because i changed some of the story after illigal adult preteens she had a look at it (which was four months ago btw) so don't balme her for that. L, i love you, and i can't wait for some new work from you. Second I would like to thank ND ("Nick and Ashley", "Rival Hearts", and "Josh's Heart") for edititing sexy virgin preteens preteen porn models this story. Third I would like to cute preteens nn thank all the people who have sent me feed back, ND (first one to write me), Rion, Jordan, preteen nudeart Asher, imeamoron, Roguewolf, Justin, Carla, Jimmy, Ryan, and a special thankyou to thumbs preteen naked Chris ("At What Point") for the logo he designed for my story which you can see at Now on to the story<2005- May 8th>(Lance's POV) "Hello?" I asked as I tried to catch my breath. JC and I had been a little preoccupied, and consequently hadn't preteen hot pix heard the phone straight away and considering the 'activity' JC and I were partaking in and having to run to preteen models uncensored the phone you can understand why I was a little out of breath. "Hi this is Ms. Kensington from Kensington and associates law firm. I was wondering if I could speak to Mr Bass?""This is him." I replied still japan cute preteen trying to get my breathing under control. "I haven't caught you at a bad time have I, Mr. Bass?" she queried."No its fine, I was just getting out the shower when preteen girl belarus you called," it wasn't the whole truth, I was actually leaning out the shower door whilst JC pounding me from behind, but anyways. "And sweet preteens galleries please call me Lance, by the way." "Lance it is then. And please call me Lisa.""What can I do for you Lisa?" I had my breathing under control now."The reason I'm calling is to ask if you can possibly meet with me at my nasty angels preteens office. I have a very important matter to discuss with you and it isn't something I want to discuss over the phone.""I guess where are your offices by the way?" I asked.She gave a little laugh and sad, "Silly me, were situated in New York.""Thats should be fine I could make it in a couple of days " I started to say before Lisa interrupted me. "Actually Lance, this matter is urgent and it needs addressed immediately." She said firmly. "Ok. I could be there tomorrow morning at the earliest." I said as I mentally ran teens bbs preteens through my schedule."That would be fine, how does ten o'clock sound?" "That sounds great. I'll see you preteen schoolgirlunderage schoolgirl then Lisa." "Yes, until then Lance."<2007- December 16th Lance and JC's house>(Lance POV)"So I think we need to talk?" JC asked me."Yes we do," I replied coldly. I could hardly stand to look at him let alone talk to him. but it had to be done, if not for sake then for Zach's. preteen sites portal I waited for JC to start talking but it didn't seem like it was going to happen so I started for him. "So do you have anything to say for your self?" it seemed easier to treat him like a five your old. Josh got up from the floor and sat down on the near by recliner. He gestured to the recliner opposite for me to sit. Not wanting to give up the power of standing over him up but pre teen snatch knowing this was going to be a long talk I sat down in the preteen nake top chair. "I'm so sorry Lance " before he could say anymore I interrupted him. "Save it JC. I don't want to hear how sorry you are. I want to know why you cheated on me. Why you did this to me and not to mention why you did it to Zach as well," I glared. "I don't know why I did it underage preteen nudes ok. This is the longest relationship I've been in and I guess I was feeling a little crowded and add on the responsibility angel preteen tiny of raising a kind that practically seven preteen pictures hot years old " I interrupted him once again. "Don't use my kid as a reason Joshua," I preteen angles bbs said venomously"And don't you use the fact that your Zach's biological father either James. I have been rasing preteen 14 sexi him at the same time you have too," he argued back. preteen girl masterbation "Deal, we'll both leave Zach out of this conversation." "Ok well like I said this is the longest I've been in a relationship, and you know I have a preteen moels fear of commitment. I guess I was sacred and when I'm scared I do stupid things. Like Lauren.""Don't forget Carson and Ashley Angel," I said angrily." The whole time we had been talking Josh had had his head down, but when preteen nudist bbs I mentioned those two names his head shot up so fast, the first thing that popped in my head was he might get japanese preteen nude whiplash, revealing a face of pure shock. "Wha?What? what do you mean?" he stuttered out. "Don't play dumb with me young preteen upskirt Joshua. I know about your other little russian preteen movie affairs with Carson and Ashley Angel. Care to explain?" "If you could step this way Lance and we will preteens illegal models get straight to the matter preteen gallery lia at hand." Lisa directed preteen sunbbs guestbook me. I had flown out from Orlando this morning. After I got off the phone with Lisa yesterday I had booked a ticket straight away. She led me into a cp preteen porn conference room where we both took a seat at the large conference desk. "So Lisa, what is it the matter that you needed to talk to me about?" I enquired as preteens anal Lisa opened her briefcase and took out a few papers. "I really don't know how to preteen nturist photos tell bd pre teen you this Lance, so I'll start off by asking you if you remember a person by the name of Hailey O'Connor?" she asked.Immediately at the mention preteen gallery pantie of that name I drew in a deep breath. "Hailey O'Connor? Yeah we dated for about five months or so three or four years back, why?" "Hailey died a last month, Lance" She said sadly. "Oh" I didn't know what to say. Hailey had died. "What has this got to do with me?" "I know this will come as a shock to you but when Hailey died she pedo preteens pthc left behind a son," she paused for a second then continued. "Your son Lance.""WHAT!?!?!?" I practically screamed. preteen modeller "What do you mean my son?" I asked voice still a little loud. "Exactly what I said, your son Lance," She answered."But How?" preteen amateurs nude I stuttered."Well I'm guessing when the sperm met the egg," despite all the mixed feelings I was feeling at the moment I had to laugh at that."I know how it happened in a biological sense! I mean, how? We used protection and we only did it once." I was starting to get seriously frustrated. "Are you sure he's my son? I mean she could have just made all this up.""You hold on a second there Lance. Hailey didn't and wouldn't make something like that up. I can't believe you said that about her Lance. You dated her for like five months; you should know she wouldn't do something like that. preteen sleep gallery Plus if you actually look at Zach, there would be no doubt in your mind about who the father was. Not only does he look like you but preteen pictures his eyes are exactly the same colour as yours. So don't you go bad mouthing my friend mate," she said acidly, with a thick Australian accent."Ok I'm sorry, but you have to admit it is a bit of a shock. We dated like two and a half years ago, for Christ's sake. And I have never once heard from her since she broke up with me, unexpectedly forum preteen pthc for no reason at all.-" I was cut if once more by preteen defloration girls Lisa's voice."Um slumber party preteen I guess she wouldn't mind me telling you this, the reason she pretty preteens broke up with you is because on the pre teen club account of you being gay," she said the last part gently, as if I was a fragile piece of crystal that could brake at any moment. "Excuse me I am no " she one again cut me off, god she is too much like Justin."Lance we both know it, you are gay. preteens hot sex You don't have to worry about me telling anyone Lance, I have known this little fact for two years." "What do you mean you've know it for two years?" I asked calming down. If she had known that long without nude preteen photographers going to the media then I guess she wasn't going to tell them now. "Well abby preteen models Hailey told me" she replied simply."And how would Hailey know?" I questioned sitting up straight in my chair. "And why would she tell you?" "She knew because she dated you for preteens thailand five months and not once did you show any physical attraction for her besides the one time you had sex. And she told me because not only was I her lawyer but I was her best friend." "What, you were Hailey's best friend? She never mentioned you." "That was because we hadn't met yet. We only became friends three years ago and you two had photo preteen naturist already broken up. And she didn't tell me until she found out that she was diagnosed with Cancer-" "She died tiny nude preteens of cancer?" I asked shocked."Yeah, she had breast cancer." I noticed a few tears fell down her top preteen x check, after she said those words. "How's Zach doing?" I asked quietly."He's doing ok. He's preteen european nudists too young to really understand what is really going on. He just thinks mommy gone away for a while and that photos hairy preteen she would be back soon." Lisa replied quietly."Where's preteens suck he been staying?" I asked as I ran a hand through my hair."With me," she answered. "Hailey named me as his guardian before she died.""But I thought ""You thought right. Even though Hailey left him in my care, I know that Zach needs his father not his late mothers best friend and lawyer.""So that means you ""Yes, I brought you here to first tell you about Hailey and Zach, and second to ask if you would like Zach to live with you?" she asked.There was no doubt in my mind of what my answer would be. I would finally have a child to love and care for. A child thats of my own very young preteenmodels blood, not an adopted one, but one that I illegal preteens bbs helped create. "Yes, I would love for preteen sex site him to come live with me," I answered as a few rolled down my cheeks. "That's great James," she smiled as some of her own tears fell. "There's one condition though, that I can still be apart of his life?" "Sure, of course you can," I smiled. "What type of person do you think I am?""Well I know now." She replied dark portal preteen as she wiped her eyes. "So would you like to meet the little guy?""I fuck preteen pussy would like that more than anything else," I answered still a smile on my face. "Where is he?""He's a couple of floors down," she answered. We both got out of our seats and headed to the door of the conference room.<2007- December 16th- Lance and JC's house>(Lance's POV)"Well um its the same reason, my fear of virgin preteen naked commit " JC stared to say before I cut him of again. "Joshua, don't give me that fear of commitment bullshit, because I don't want to hear it. Obviously you can't explain, so well just leave it at that," I said angrily. "But James " "No Josh, I don't want to hear it anymore. Just pack a bag or something. I don't want you hear in this preteen bra models house." I didn't even wait for his reply I just got up and dirty preteen whores left the room. I headed towards the kitchen to see how Karen was going with trying to get Zach to eat. <2005, May 9th, Lance's New cp preteen pthc York penthouse apartment>(Lance's POV)I unlocked the front door to my New York apartment and stepped through the threshold. I immediately moved towards the windows to open them, because there was that stale un-used smell in the air. I hadn't actually been in here for a few months and the smell reminded me of that fact; and not to mention preteen fack the dust that had collected on the furniture. I decided to take a lie down and relax. It had been both a long and an emotionally straining day. I opted pretty preteen girl for the couch instead of the bed, not wanting to mess it up in case I decided to fly back tonight. As I laid down on the couch the events that took place after Lisa and I had left the conference room, filled my mind.After Lisa and I left the conference room she took me to meet Zach, my son. Can you believe it? preteens germany pics I have a son! Well when we got to the crche there were about ten children there and I could preteen boys members preteen nymphet pics immediately pick out Zach. Lisa was ls preteens magazine right he looked a lot like me, but he had inherited his mother's dark red hair. When he saw us standing in the door he ran up and gave Lisa a big hug, then preteen top 666 looked at me with wide eyes that looked exactly like mine. I couldn't help but laugh. While I was laughing he looked at Lisa and asked "who's dat?" she told him my name was preteen japanese bbs James and that I was his father and then he looked back at me, eyes wider than before. He is so cute. Lisa had excused her self, using the excuse of paper work hottest sex preteen but I knew she just wanted for me to get to know Zach. After she left Zach dragged me over to a corner in the preteen models young room and showed me his blocks. We played for an hour, him instructing me on the finer points of building blocks; he also drew me a picture of him, myself, and Hailey (he still thought hot slutty preteens she was coming back). It broke preteen nude nubiles my heart. Even though I only knew about Zach for just over six hours and only spent three of those preteen movies clip hours with him, I knew I already loved him. It's like my heart new all along that preteen girl forbidden Zach was there, but it was just waiting preteen tiny pictures for my brain to know about Zach before it shared the feelings. After I preteen legal art had been playing with Zach an hour Lisa came back in and the three of us went to Mc Donald's for underage preteen supermodels lunch. Lisa and I made general chit-chat about our lives while Zach played xxx preteen gallaries with the toy from his happy meal. Lisa wanted to know all about the preteen panties pictures life of a pop-star, which I happily obliged telling her all about. After I had answered all her questions I asked my own about what it's like to be lawyer. Luckily no one recognised me mexican preteen lesbians during lunch so it was rather enjoyable. After we finished lunch we parted ways.I would have liked nothing more than to spend the rest of day with Zach but Lisa told me that he really needed to take his afternoon nap. black preteens tgp So Lisa hailed a taxi, which the two took back to her offices. Instead of hailing one of my own I decided to walk back to my apartment. My cell phone vibrating in my pocket brought me back to reality. I checked the caller ID and saw it was JC; I smiled as I brought the phone to my ear after answering. "Hey baby," I greeted as I sat up."Hey to you to," he purred. "So what did underwear preteens xxx that lawyer want?""Well she called wanted to tell me I had a son," I answered his question excitedly."Whwhawhat?" he chocked."A son Josh! I have a son." I repeated bouncing up and down on the couch. "Can you believe it?" little preteen model End Chapter 5sorry about the lateness of this chapter, but i've been busy and had a littles writers block lately, so yeah.... anyways hope you preteens porn videos pre teen softcore all liked it, and even if you didn't still email me at ssecca01hotmail.comstory of the chapter is "Webs" whch you can find at this adress this story is fantastic. if you like mystery, deciete, lance, and more lance. this preteen pedo picture is a remarkablre story written by preteen model megan and even more remarkable lady. co check it out or i will kick all of your of the preteen pics gymnastics chapter is "webs", which is the story of the chapter, is blue pics preteens found on this site along with a lot of other great stoires. everyone of these stories , whether it be novel size, novella size, or shorts size, each is preteen children nude a piece of writinbg art. i can't stress to you enough preteen love chat how great sarah, the writers, work is. just co check it out for your selves. no aussie singer this chapter.
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